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Are you ready to take the next step to expressing your true identity? Through my unique training program, you can put an end to vocal discomfort and dysphoria!

There are many different elements involved in the processes of voice feminization and masculinization. Contrary to popular belief, "trying to speak in a higher or lower range" does not complete the process. Similarly, neither do estrogen or testosterone (though testosterone will usually help somewhat with voice masculinization).

In teaching Gender Expression Voice Training, I combine contemporary research with skills from my vocal and musical background to help individuals express their true voice. Lessons are specifically tailored to each individual according to their own specific vocal needs and goals. They are one-on-one and take place either at my studio in Melbourne, Florida, or virtually via Skype. Our lessons together will focus on, but not be limited to, the following topics:


  • Breathing: Learn and implement concepts of relaxed diaphragmatic breathing to allow vocal freedom and flexibility. Also learn how to use natural energy for efficient breath management.


  • Pitch: Once breath is relaxed, vocal freedom and flexibility allow for pitch modification. Learn the difference between male and female speaking pitch range and practice adapting to your range of choice. Learn how to consciously vary your pitch when you speak, to better convey your mood and intention.


  • Clarity/Voice Quality: Learn to improve voice clarity and quality. Vocal freedom allows for clarity of tone. Learn the difference between a raspy, pushed, or breathy sound and a clear tone.

  • Resonance: Learn the difference between male (dark/chest) resonance and female (head/nasal) resonance, and learn how to adapt your voice accordingly.


  • Registration: Learn how to smooth out your vocal range and easily transition from low to high or from high to low.


  • Diction/Articulation: Learn to pronounce vowels and consonants clearly and in a feminine or masculine manner.


  • Volume: Learn to control the volume of your voice while maintaining vocal energy. Build confidence and power.


  • Phrasing: Learn how to manage breath throughout phrases allowing you to communicate your intent more effectively. Manage the number of words per breath or length of your phrases.


  • Pacing: Learn how to vary the speed at which you speak.


  • Fluency: Learn to join sounds, syllables, words, and phrases together smoothly when speaking.


We will also practice all of these concepts through real-life activities (such as casual conversation, dramatic scenes or monologues, job interviews, poetry readings, giving

speeches/presentations/lectures, etc...) of your choice. While practicing exercises and activities in lessons, I will be there to monitor and guide you every step of the way!


I periodically host fun and educational events for my students, such as master classes and potluck-style open mic parties. These events present great opportunities for students to practice speaking in front of an audience of their peers in a fun and relaxed (parties) or more professional (masterclass) environment.

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